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Five Japanese NSX owners attended NSXPO '99 held at Lagna Seca in Monterey on May 6-9. This is 3rd. annals meeting for clubmembers of NSXCA. We are surprised at this event organized by themselves. It is enviable for Japanese attendees.

We introduce some photos below. I hope you enjoy them and feel atmosphere of this event. But I think you cannot understand real enjoyments without attending. NSXPO 2000 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

May 4 Arrived at LAX, Meeting with owners from LA

May 5 From LA to Monterey

May 6 Country Drive and 17 Miles Drive

May 7 Concour at Lagna Seca

May 8 Track event on Lagna Seca

May 9 Track event on Lagna Seca (Japanese left from SFO)

I love these license number plates.

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