NSX Fiesta 2004

Suzuka 2004.10.23, 24

NSX Fiesta 2004 was held in Suzuka on Oct. 23 and 24, where NSX production moved from Takanezawa factory. Factory tour was big event for NSXers. I joined this tour on Friday, before Fiesta.

As for myself, I attended as just owner with clubmember, because I did not have to escort any guest from overseas. When I had a lunch, many clubmembers were coming to restaurant. After lunch we moved to factory by two buses. Almost of members in bus know each other. Mr. Kurosawa was in our group.

Yellow Type-R was displayed at the entrance of factory. ASIMO welcomed our coming. We went to upstairs to have a greeting and lecture from many managers. We appreciate their kindness. About 8100 people included 48 craftsmen from Takanezawa are working here for S2000, Insight and NSX from June 1st.

We have to move to next section by bus, because this factory is very large. NSX are assembled in new line called TD. “T” means “Takanezawa”, “Takumi(Technique)” or “Two”. “D” means “Dream”. We felt that passion to NSX at Takanezawa plant is alive here. “Our dreams come true” is forever.

We could not see paint section, but we were exciting to see assembly of engine. We had never seen before. This factory was built for motorcycle “Super Cub” in 1960. It is very old factory but TD line is very beautiful, especially floor is very clean and shining. “You may see more closer” We walked on clean floor carefully, because we made it dirty.

Craftsmen file the body by their hand. Spark fly to us at welding area. There were many special tool for NSX.

Next two line are for “Fit”. They manufacture 2100 cars (16 models) per day on these two lines. TD line make only 50 cars a day, including “one” NSX. Wooow!!!

It was very valuable experience to see assembly of engine section. I have been to Takanezawa factory many times, but engine were assembled at another factory and transported. Two craftsmen were coming from Takanezawa. These only two people can assemble. We thought they could not concentrate to build up the engine, because of many eyes.

We can refresh our NSX here. Many of NSX owners will visit here to maintain their NSX for good condition.

Next day was Saturday for NSX Fiesta 2004 in clear day. After we parked our NSXs, registered there. We got pass, guide book, memorial cloth and others. This pass was poor for me. We moved onto the main course like Formula one grid and park there. We walked and sat down on the seat of grand stand. I met many owners I talked before and said “Hello, how are you and your NSX?”. I felt I came back to Suzuka again. Opening ceremony was held on the track. Instructors and professional drivers were introduced. Organizer introduced two days program of Fiesta. I felt NSXs parked on track were fewer than last year. Event was started silently.

After that we drove for parade lap on the track. we had a lunch. Some owners changed their cloth to racing suit for sports driving. Many photos and NSX white body were displayed in pit area. HONDA introduced refresh program for NSX owners. We found JGTC M-TEC(GT300). This car will demo run on Sunday.

We can choose full course, east course or west course for sports driving. I watched Gymkhana. Instructor was professional driver Tetsuya Yamano. I love to drive on skid track. It was very slippery. It was fun but very difficult. I tried on this track with seven drivers, one of them controlled his NSX very well.

I selected and drove east course and west course program for option menu. Instructor leads five NSXs. Almost of attendance were satisfied optional menu. But We could not drive on south course.

In this season sunset time is early, but we have enough hours to prepare and refresh for dinner party. Dinner party is very enjoyable. It was pleasure that we talk about NSX and HONDA with others including technician or mechanic from HONDA and professional drivers. Some attraction are prepared for us. Most interested program is that, professional driver Tetsuya Yamano drive JGTC GT300 M-TEC NSX with three owners sitting on a passenger’s seat. Two clubmembers got the seats. I was surprised and enviable that. Atmosphere in this hall is very nice.They discussed about NSX with others till midnight.

Second day, Sunday was cloudy, but no rain. Everybody have a breakfast in same place. They pick up their favorite food and eat it. Honda VIP sit alone over there, a professional driver talk with young NSX owner, a mother is coming with her child for breakfast. I feel freedom. I feel happy.

Driving menu started from early morning. Nice sound come from paddock. Suzuka is international racing course for Formula one race, was over only two weeks ago. We cannot drive on this track usually. We are looking for this driving at Fiesta.

After all driving menu finish, we park all NSXs in front of grand stand. We took memorial photo and drove for farewell parade lap.

Tetsuya Yamano drive GT300 M-TEC NSX. Three owners sit on a passenger’s seat of this racing NSX. They are satisfied a lot and it was unforgettable memory for NSX Fiesta 2004.All program is finished. We have a lunch at paddock suite, the farewell ceremony.

Number of NSX in Fiesta 2004 is fewer than last year. But this event in Suzuka has good atmosphere. It looks like “an old boys’ meeting” Honda has many problems to hold such big event. I hope NSX fiesta continue for all NSX lovers eternally.

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