NSX Fiesta 2001


We arrived at Itami airport in Osaka on November 1st. Our host, Hirofumi Tomiyoshi was there to pick us up and drive us to the Righa hotel in Kyoto. There we met Jeffrey Chong, and the four of us had a quiet dinner. The trip had been exhausting, but we couldn’t resist venturing into the city center for a drink and re-acquaintance.

On Friday, we drove around Kyoto for some sightseeing. We saw the Golden Pavilion. Very, very nice. Knowing that Jeffrey is a Skyline-enthusiast, Hirofumi took us to a local Skyline dealer afterwards. Considerate indeed. We had time to visit another beautiful shrine, where we had our Zen moments. We concluded the morning with a six course traditional Japanese lunch. Exquisite!! After that, we drove to Suzuka racetrack to register for Fiesta. Hirofumi showed us to a Chinese restaurant on the premises and then took off to collect Alex Vizcarra at the airport. Not very hungry due to that wonderful lunch, Gus, Jeffrey and myself ordered just a small meal, we thought. It turned out to be a seven course Chinese dinner. I can’t deny we were well fed that day.

Saturday was the big day… day one of Fiesta 2001. Having experienced Fiesta 2000 at Motegi and NSXPO 1999 in California, we thought to be used to the sight of many NSX’s by now. That is not the case. We were amazed by the sight what must have been over 240 NSX’s at the same place. For us, an all-time record.

Hirofumi has gone all out of his way for us. He managed to have his fellow NSX Club of Japan members invite us to join them in the parade. Next to that, they even lent us their cars to experience the slippery road exercise. While in Europe, people are reluctant to lend just about anything, here in Japan the club members just let us drive their (probably) most precious possession. Extraordinary. Thank you, Hirofumi and Speed. We also had the opportunity to test drive cars like the new Integra Type-R and S2000. Also great cars, but nothing beats an NSX. Although it had rained continuously, day one of Fiesta 2001 was a big success, with the Yamano Bilstein NSX driving dynamics demonstration as a big highlight!

Saturday evening, after the dinner party, Hirofumi had invited us to join him and his fellow members for Karaoke. An offer we were happy to accept. Now I know why Karaoke is so popular in Japan. Everybody was very cheerful and enthusiast. We also got to sing along once or twice too (or a couple of times more). The atmosphere was just great.

Sunday was a sunny day. Somehow Suzuka racetrack looked entirely different this day… much nicer. Today we got to drive along the track with a professional driver in an NSX, again ever so generously lent by one of the members of NSX Club of Japan. Guus was very fortunate to catch a ride with the living legend, Mr. Kurosawa. The Mugen JGTC NSX demonstration was awesome, and Mr. Yamano again showed his stuff on the main straight, making perfect donuts for as long as he wanted. What a treat!

After another great day at the track, the club members drove us to Nagoya, where we got on the Shinkansen to Tokyo. We must say that Fiesta 2001 was a great success and feel honored to have been able to enjoy it.

On Monday Hirofumi took us to the Tokyo Motor Show, where we were able to see the new NSX Type-R. Another enjoyable day.

Thank you, Hirofumi, for being such an excellent host! You basically sacrificed your own enjoyment of Fiesta 2001 to make sure we had a good time.

Thank you members of NSX Club of Japan for so generously lending us your NSXs and driving us around.

The NSX Fiesta 2001 was in one word MAGNIFICENT!

By Guus and Alex Toth from The Netherlands

2nd Nov (Friday)
I came to JAPAN together with 4 of our NSX OWNERS CLUB HONG KONG members : TOM, LAI PO MING , WENDY YIP & LAI WAI KIT,by morning freight to NARITA,and then we went straight to MAKUHARI for the 35th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW. It was great to see the new NSX-R was there,and I felt that it is still the star of the show.After the show,we took SHINKANSEN from TOKYO to NAGOYA,by the time we reach the NAGOYA station,it is almost 10pm, and Mr.HIROFUMI had arrange to pick us up and took us to the hotel,after we check in,we all went to a TAIWANESE noodle shop near by the hotel,the food was very good,and we have good rest after that.

3rd Nov ( Sat )
We left hotel on 7am together with ALEX from NSXCA,he is nice guy,we enjoy talk to each other during the journey to SUZUKA race track.By the time we get there, there were more than 250 NSXs had been arrived,even the weather are not so good with the rain, it seems that will not affect the way that all the NSX owners want to attend the event. By 9.30am,all NSXs line up one by one to get in to the track for the parade run.I was sitting next to Mr.SHIGERU TAKEMURA ‘s NSX T-roof model, during our conversation, he found out I came from HONG KONG,and he lent me to drive his NSX,that really make me feel so exciting,my first time to come to SUZUKA, and my fist time to drive NSX in SUZUKA track, I did 2 laps, that was unforgettable. I really like to say thanks to Mr. SHIGERU for his help. Other NSX club members from HK also had a good time during the parade run. During lunch, HONDA had invite the top driver for the speech, it was great to see all of them in NSX FIESTA. In the afternoon, we have a chance to test drive the INTEGRA-R, S2000 and other HONDA models in the slalom track, well it was fun,we learn how to drive carefully under the rain (it rain for the whole day ),plus we have a chance to seat next to the professional driver, the way they drive is like playing magic, they can control the car herever they like to go.After that, we went to a special track which cover by soap, it was very slippery, and it was difficult to drive, but that was fun. Many of the NSX owners are willing to lent their car for us to try. The last stage before dinner,we went to another track for the shalom race, that was show by one of the top JGTC driver, Tetsuya Yamano , he drove a NSX with BILSTEIN sponsor sticker. Again, we all have a chance to sit next to him for a very very fast run, we almost do not want to leave. Dinner were held inside ballroom of SUZUKA hotel. During the dinner, I think we are supposed to wear formal jacket, but we did not prepare for that. But one thing really surprise me is that we did not put the formal jacket, so most of the owners might knew we are from oversea. They even try to come over and talk to us,on that night, we meet many new friends. After the lucky draw games, Mr.HIROFUMI had try to invite us of Karaoke, but we felt so sleepy, and we went back to hotel for the rest.

4th Nov ( Sun )
ALEX from US had finally bring the sunshine from California to SUZUKA, as well as JEFFERY form US, GUUS & ALEX from The Netherlands. On that day, I think more than 400 NSXs had attend the NSX FIESTA.We all went to a special track to see their track day run, all drivers behave very well, that is something we have to learn. Then we all went back to SUZUKA for the climax of the day. Firstly, we all have a chance to seat next to top Japanese JGTC driver for a fast run the track with NSX. Well, this is my first time to have that experience,I felt so save to seat next to a top driver, and that was a good chance to see the limit of NSX ( that was Mr. HIROFUMI’s NSX type-R ).Secondly, HONDA had arrange a special run with the JGTC NSX,MUGEN INTEGRA type-R, that was also great. Thirdly, all 400 NSXs had line up for photo taking in the SUZUKA,well, I feel so excite to that many NSXs park together, then a final parade run.Again,I have a chance to drive Mr.SHIGERU’s NSX again, since his NSX is T-roof, he had the roof open early in the morning, the feeling was great. We have the lunch in the Media center, but we have to leave by 1.30pm,it was hard to say goodbye to all those NSX owners that we just meet. Like ALEXANDER from NSXCA, JEFFERY from US, GUUS and his brother ALEX from The Netherlands as well as the Japanese owners : HIROO OHI, MAKOTO WATANABE, MASAYUKI ICHIHARA, YUJI MURO and SHIGERU TAKEMURA……….Mr.HIROFUMI drove his HONDA to take us to KANSAI airport, we all knew that he did not have much chance to drive his NSX, and he have to drive us around the track. We feel that we have to buy him a big dinner in HONG KONG or invite him to come over during the holiday. Again, we have to say thank you to MR,HIROFUMI TOMIYOSHI, MR.MASAHIRO YASUMA( from NSX CLUB OF JAPAN ). We are looking forward to invite them to come for our NSX OWNERS CLUB HONG KONG 3rd Birthday party on Sept 2002, as well as we will love to attend their 2002 NSX FIESTA. By WILSON SHAM from NSX OWNERS CLUB HONG KONG.

My impression of the NSX fiesta is just fantastic, it is an extremely well organized event, every body is very friendly.  Seeing hundreds of beautiful NSXs at the same time is like being in a very wonderful dream.  It is amazing to be able to meet all the famous Japanese professional driver, and to see the JGTC cars in actions.  Also being able to visit Suzuka circuit and have a ride on the circuit with a professional driver is just too wonderful.  The only bad thing is we have too little time to enjoy everything.  That was the first time I visit Japan, being a hugh fan of Japanese performance car, I love every single minute being in Japan.  My impression of Japan is too amazing to even describe in words, everything is very clean and details, the train and subway is very convenience and always on time.  The one thing I love the most is the spirit of Japanese people, everyone is very happy and motivated, not to mention extremely polite.  I just love every single aspect of Japan.  And being able to see all the amazingly nice Japanese only cars on the street is just too much, cars like NSX-R, NSX Type S, NSX Type-S Zero, Integra Type-R, GTRs, WRXs, Lancer EVOs, Toyota Chasers, Nissan Silvia…..etc.

Overall, my whole time in Japan was like a dream come true.  I don’t like to wake up from this dream.

I know you have put in an hugh amount of effort to organized everything for us, you didn’t even have time to enjoy the NSX fiesta yourself.  I want to give you my most sincere thank you.  You made my dream comes true.  In the future, if there is anything I can do for you in the U.S., please don’t be afraid to ask me, anything at all, if I can help you, I will do my very best for you.

I am planning to buy a NSX in the not too distance future to join this wonderful family.

Hirofumi, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything you have done for us. DOUMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!!!

My best wish.

By Jeffrey Chong from United States.

Very best regards,

My impression of NSX Fiesta 2001 is wonderful, remarkable and well organized!  The programs are well set and it kept us well occupied in many events without getting bored even we are not allow to seat in the other owners car at high speed driving in the race course.  I have never been so excited and happy to be able to attend the NSX Fiesta in JAPAN!

In Hong Kong, we never have any race track or professional driving school to take and learn advance driving! I have never dream of able to seat and drive NSX on the race track myself as well as driven by the professionals.  Thanks to all of you (Mr. Yasuma, Kumiko and Mr. Ohi) and especially your help in making my dream come true!!!

After returning to Hong Kong, other members of our NSX Club are getting jealous of us because they never thought that we would have so much fun to be able to try other Honda cars (e.g. S2000, Integra Type-R, Fit, etc.) at the learning school, drive other owners’ NSX on the race track during parade as well as the slippery ground for fun!

I don’t know how to express my happiness and excitement but I am sure it is one of the best event I have never been to and I hope I can be there to meet more NSX owners in the near future!!

Thank you so much for driving us around, Hirofumi!! I know you were very tired!!! We have great fun!! Please let us know if any members of your club or other friends of yours are coming to Hong Kong and we are very pleased to be the host for you and them!!!




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