NSX Fiesta 2000

NSX 10th anniversary at Twinring Motegi 2010.10.

My story on the NSX Fiesta 2000

When I arrived in Japan, I noticed that the country is very clean, and the people were very friendly, and very respectable. The Japanese people made me feel welcome’d in there country as soon as I arrived.

During my attendance at the NSX Fiesta, I noticed that the majority of all of the NSX’s that attended the event were modified, and all the owner’s that I talked to were very nice, and enthusiastic about there NSX’s as I am. I was impressed on the turn out of NSX’s that attended the event, 300+ NSX’s, it was a HONOR for me to be a part of a “Great” event. For me, the “Best” part of the trip was when I got to ride with the Famous Professional “Raybrig” NSX Race Car driver(Akira Iida), and when Hirofumi let me drive his “New” Type-R NSX on the Road Course at 120 km/75 mph, and when Ichihara let me drive his “New” Type-S NSX from the Twin Ring hotel to the Motegi Race track. Thank You Very Much!!!!!

In my opinion, the NSX Fiesta is by far the “#1- Best” event that I ever attended, it is better than any car show in the United States!!!!!!

Special Thanks: Hirofumi, Speed, Ichihara, Hiroshi, Kase-san, and the rest of the people that I had the previledge of meeting for making my first NSX Fiesta a memorable one. I hope that I can be invited to attend next year’s NSX Fiesta 2001. (by Romeo Ortiz from GA, United States)

NSX Fiesta began for me with an amazingly long airplane flight from Orlando to Tokyo. If you have ever spent 14 hours in a cramped, stuffy, plane with a 2 hour layover, you know what I mean:)) But once landing gear touched down at Narita International Airport, the flight became a distant memory.

For I arrived in Japan for one thing,… and one thing only….the NSX Fiesta 10th Anniversary. The trip was a dream come true. I had the opportunity to tour the NSX plant in Tochigi as well as visiting the track in Motegi. In addition, I also got the chance to sit in the first NSX “EVER” made. This made the trip worth while in itself for an NSX enthusiast like me. I would like to first thank Hirofumi for making this dream trip become a reality. Without his help and guidance I would have definitely been lost. Second I would like to give a HUGE thanks to my host, Hiroo Ohi of NSX-TC (Purple 96′ Targa). Without his help I would not have met Mr. Uehara, or been able to get around Motegi,… thanks again buddy:). Special thanks go out to Kenji Suzuki, Kye Prigg, and Kase for giving me the opportunity to drive his yellow 95′ Type R around the track several times. This is a trip that I will never forget. Definitely one of the most unique and interesting journeys I have ever been on. Thanks to all the folks that helped make the 10th anniversary a success. You really made my NSX dreams become a reality!! (by Brian Ledvora from FL, United States)

NSX Fiesta started for me when Mr. Tomiyoshi was very kind to give an invitation at NSXPO 99 in Laguna Seca. Alex and I were most happy to accept and looked forward to seeing Japan. Our first time here.

The Fiesta experience was overwhelming. First seeing the Takanezawa factory in Tochigi where the NSX is put together, then Twin Ring MOTEGI. As a big Honda enthusiast, I already knew these places. Now seeing them for real was a dream come true. It was an enormous pleasure meeting Mr.Kawamoto, Mr. Uehara and Mr. Kurosawa. People I regard very much. The Fiesta event was a big treat! Honda F1 demonstrations, the NSX JGTC cars in action, and driving on the tracks personally. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I would like to thank Hirofumi Tomiyoshi very much for organizing this trip for us. I`m very grateful for his invitation, NSX Fiesta will always be in my memory. (by Guus Toth from Netherlands)

I would like to start out by stating NSX FIESTA was #1 all the way. Honda did a superb job hosting the 10th year celebration of the Honda NSX. I have been to countless NSX events and track events, NSX Fiesta by far superseded every one of them. I would also like to thank Hirofumi Tomiyoshi. Without his help, we would have never been able to attend. He helped us from when we stepped off of the plane right back until we got back on. If I had to pick out the best part of NSX Fiesta, it would be between two events. The first one would be driving at the Twin Rings track in Motegi with the professional Raybrig race car driver in a NSX at the limit, and meeting all of the great Japanese NSX owners. Every single owner we meet made us feel as if we were a part of there NSX community. At the end of this year, I was going to sell my NSX after 4 wonderful years of ownership and look for another type of exotic, but after attending NSX Fiesta, I have decided to sell it and purchase a new one! Being around the NSX owners from Japan made me realize that if I sold my NSX, I would be selling my family, and where I come from, we just do not do things like that!

Alexander Farrington, GA, United states)

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NSX Fiesta 1999

I was satisfied myself that NSX Fiesta ’99 was most excellent event comparing past year’s one. I enjoyed myself.

I have many NSX lovers whom I can meet once a year. So, I talked to them, “See you at Fiesta ’99 in SUZUKA”. And many owners who browsed our web site asked to me. “This is first time to attend NSX Fiesta. How is this event?”. Fortunately, I could meet almost of them at SUZUKA. It was my pleasure. Over 30 people from NSX CLUB of JAPAN attended NSX Fiesta ’99 including companions. It was so many attendees for our club. I think it is wonderful very much that NSX lovers come to one place to attend to event called Fiesta from all area of JAPAN. I enjoyed chat with other owners about NSX and Karaoke after official programs or dinner party. One owner who has been driven long time said to me. “This is first time to attend Fiesta. How fantastic event this is!!! Why didn’t I come earlier.” This was female driver. She lost a lot.

I had a chance to talk with companions. They said, “Great!!! Marvelous!!!” and admired. Probably they were surprised at scale and contents they could not imagine before. I am surprised at the fact that some of companions have a plan to by NSX after they went back their home. Because they want to attend and enjoy NSX Fiesta with own NSX. NSX and NSX Fiesta have such fascination. Two owners were awarded from Mr. Uehara for 100,000Km driving. It is no long driving for American owners but it is great for Japanese. I feel they love their NSXs really and they will drive more. Many Japanese owners will achieve 100,000Km.

It is my pleasure that I watch other owner’s NSXs. This is another enjoyment in Fiesta. “Famous owner” or “Famous NSX” will come every year. We are looking forward to see modification for NSX the owner done this year. They are coming. Original design is good, but every owners modified their NSXs without spoiling and drive. They spent one year to prepare. The owner who attended NSXPO ’99 drive modified NSX with wide body kits by Comptech. Another body kit attached NSX was not finished to paint. But it was very spartan. But he will finish it and come next year.

Over 20 people attended to NSX Fiesta in Motegi last year. Unfortunately we could not get support from HONDA officially this year. But some friendly Japanese owners supported five attendees from United States. One of them attended last Fiesta in Motegi. They went sightseeing Kyoto including Hozugawa river rapids and two wheel vehicle riding before Fiesta and visited some automobile showrooms (including Honda Welcome Plaza), Twin Ring Motegi and factory for NSX after Fiesta. They joined “All Japan NSX Owner’s Club Meeting” on the day before Fiesta. They entried “competition and relay” and drove our NSXs and running. I got some mails from them. They say “it was their best vacation ever”. I say thanks a lot to all volunteers from other clubs. I feel everybody realize “Enjoy together at NSX Fiesta”. It is my pleasure.

NSX Fiesta ’99 was two days event. But during this Fiesta held, I was very busy and felt it was short for me. I think most impressive activity for attendees from United States was driving with professional driver.Professional driver drove NSX on famous circuit as formula one with them on passenger’s seat. They enjoyed a lot and surprised at their driving technique.

HONDA prepared new NSX and S2000 at traffic education center for test driving to every owners. But many owners said “No modified in this model”. The fact I were surprise was LEV for NSX. I think subjects for future to automobile company are saving gas, recycle and low emission. Many companies got good results for saving gas and recycle. But they challenge a lot for low emission, especially NOx and CO2. I think most remarkable modified for NSX this time is LEV. Many of owners expected faster NSX or new design. LEV is not showy.But Mr. Uehara said that “LEV is very difficult for NSX, because HONDA has to keep high performance as sportscar at same time”. Even I realize how difficult it is. I think this is technique.

I cannot understand technical method. But we can get clean emission by advanced catalyst from information by HONDA. One technical staff said “We can decrease under one-five hundred today comparing no catalyst” I am pleased my love NSX evolve with technique for low emission system. I never say “NSX is old fashioned”. We drive this car with pride. The automobile company is considering about emission for future.

Mr. Uehara didn’t announce NEXT NSX. But he said “We remain to produce NSX ” clearly. I am satisfied his saying.

The year 2000 is the 10th anniversary for NSX. Next Fiesta will be held in Motegi. I want to celebrate for NSX and NSXers. at Takanezawa Plant. I want to invite NSX owners from North America and Europe. Now NSX Fiesta is well-known event from all over the world. I hope HONDA accept their wishes.

I thank to HONDA that fantastic car and Fiesta produced. See you at Motegi in 2000.

Hirofumi Tomiyoshi, Fukuoka, 1999.10.

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