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Rough ride, noisy, only holds two people, and I cannot fit much luggage into the trunk. Why am I enchanted by such a car? It is mysterious. It may be that the NSX has the charisma that my previous Japanese car didn't. The specs don't show unusually high performance. But I think the NSX has something that you cannot understand from specs or data.
I have owned many cars. But when I sit in the driver's seat of my NSX and close the door, I feel separated from my everyday world, so the car makes me feel high. I couldn't feel that from Japanese cars other than the NSX. I am comforted by the VTEC sound from the rear. I often drive with the stereo turned off. I see magazines that say, "The driving feel is mild and not exciting" and "The interior is not special." So what!! For me, driving the NSX is a lot of fun and I feel the interior is attractive. There is are few cars without performance modifications that have high performance when I drive on a racetrack. And the styling is fantastic. This car is sufficiently stylish even today, although it was released 7 years ago. Some enthusiasts approve and others disapprove, with two opposing viewpoints. But I am satisfied with the styling.
I'll comment on only one weak point. It is the brakes. My NSX exhibits higher performance since I installed better brakes. The current NSX has new brake rotors that are one inch larger than the original ones. This new brake system is good. I want to switch to the new brake rotors someday.
I drive my NSX often. I go to my office in my NSX. I own a station wagon, too. But I don't leave my NSX parked in the garage very long (except on rainy days). The NSX is practical (but I have to plan my route and parking area carefully). I want to drive this car; it has a mysterious character. It is the reason why I drive it every day and everywhere. 5 years have passed since I got this car. I have driven over 49,000 km. It is a lot of mileage. I think it is good for my lovely NSX, and driving it is enjoyable.
The car is attractive not only because of its performance, but also for the many friends I have made through NSX events. One day I met another NSX owner. I joined the CLUB. I attended the "NSX Owner's Meeting" (held by HONDA) at the famous racetrack in JAPAN and I drove on it. I can drive SUZUKA, MOTEGI, FUJI and other tracks with my car. It is very good exercise and experience. We cannot take advantage of this car's high performance in the city. I'll be challenged at the track. I am going to attend the "Owner's Meeting" and improve my skills. Someday I want to get a Type-R. (Shunsuke Chigusa, '93 Model,4AT, Formula Red)
Troubles of my NSX Gas efficiency

Speed, is that all?

The NSX was released 7 years ago. The Type-R came 2 years later. The NSX-T got the wind and sun. The Type-S introduced the 6 speed transmission. NSX's continued to receive improvements for higher performance. The new NSX is a faster car than my early model. There are many drivers who switch from their NSX to other cars which have more attractive specifications and higher potential performance. When we talk about sports cars, speed is an important factor. But is that all? Do we demand only speed? I think the early model NSX shows its special characteristics particularly well. The NSX is not a race car, but it has similarly high potential. I realize that many drivers want to install performance modifications on their NSX's. If they compete with each other only for speed, there are many faster cars than the NSX.
The first time I met the NSX was when the monthly magazine "PLAYBOY" showed photographs of this car in Summer 1989, from its appearance at the Chicago Auto Show in February, 1989. The prototype red NSX knocked me out. I displayed this photograph on the front of my desk until Autumn 1990, when the NSX was introduced. Midship engine, two seats, V-6 3-liter engine (without VTEC at that time). Many of the figures on the specification sheet were shown as "over x" and "under x". Obviously this car was attractive. I was surprised at the fact that the entire body was made of aluminum. I remember that, at that time, it was priced around 50,000-60,000 U.S.dollars. I thought at that time, "Probably in Japan, price will be about 6,000,000yen. If I stretch my finances....." And it was released in Autumn 1990. But ..........
What is sports car? What do you imagine to be a sports car? It is easy to imagine that sports car driving is difficult because of a heavy clutch, heavy steering, and other characteristics. On the other hand, sports car drivers enjoy driving and controlling their cars, even though they may be difficulty to drive. (I can realize that this difficulty can be fun.) The traditional, pure sports car sacrificed comfort, ride quality and ergonomics in favor of vehicle dynamics and performance. But the real enjoyment of sports car driving is not limited to that. We can get high performance while the car is more flexible, more comfortable, and especially safer. It is important that car manufacturing focuses on the human being who operates the car. Mass production sports cars offer comfort, too. And it has sometimes been said that comfort represents a compromise for a sports car. However, vehicle dynamics, ride quality, and ergonomics will all be very important for sports cars in the future. These three elements contradict each other, but this car came to market and incorporated a new approach that brushed away traditional thought. That is "NSX".
One of the most important characteristics of the NSX is that the body is made of aluminum. Reduction of weight is the method used to maximize the power/weight ratio, because of the 280 horsepower limit in Japan. HONDA makes the NSX of aluminum. This was decided at an early stage in its development. But there were many difficult problems (strength, welding, etc.) from making a car using aluminum. HONDA constructed a new factory which produced only the NSX in Takanezawa, Tochigi, and the factory needed a lot of electric power. But they constructed the factory anyway, so they could make the car they wanted to make.
Another thing that makes the NSX an attractive sports car is its engine. This engine is manufactured and tuned by Honda's most skilled craftsmen. It is a V-6 with cylinders at a 90 degree angle, DOHC, 2977cc NA, VTEC. It is used only for the NSX. As the driver accelerates, this engine seems to continue to rev higher and higher. The engine sound that is heard from the rear is fascinating.
iHirofumi TomiyoshiA'93 Model,5MT,Sebring Silverj

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