NSX challenged "LEMANS"

I found a big news in newspaper, Jan.1994. I jumped into the friend's home who was a NSX-owner. "NSX will challenge LEMANS! ! "

I knew the name of the race called "LEMANS 24 hours". But I never thought to go to there myself. I wanted to see NSX run on circuit in LEMANS. I became to enjoy LEMANS, through NSX challenge. And I went to LEMANS 3 times, with this CAR. In 1995, Second time I visit to Sarte circuit, I were in this circuit at that time when NSX got GT2-class champion. It was very happy for me. Mclaren F1-GTR driven by Dalmas,Lehto and Sekiya got the GT1-class champion.It was debut in LEMANS.

1994 First challenge, all 3 cars got goal(E)1995 GT2 class NSX win!! 1996 NSX got goal

1994 No.47 at Jacobin

Hirofumi Tomiyoshi
Born in Kyoto 1954. The price of NSX was higher than I expected before releasing this car. And I gave up to purchase NSX. But I really wanted NSX. After economized myself, I got it Jan. 1993. Since NSX released, I were interested in HONDA and Soichiro Honda. My interest expanded to motor-sports and motorization. I love music since I were a student. Now I listen jazz mainly. I play many kind of instrument, piano, ocarina, guitar, keyboard, alto saxophone, Japanese three strings and others. In 1989, I got original PC98-NOTE(NEC) without knowledge of PC. To make better use of this PC, I connected to LINE. This was first step to NET. I am in charge of making homepages of "mrw Club of JAPAN". I am a member of "NSX CLUB KYUSHU" too. I live in Fukuoka, Kyushu(southern part of JAPAN). I am salesman of company ,that sells medical devices.

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