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Established in 1991

Many of the underlying Web pages are written in Japanese. We are working now to translate them into English. If you see an (E) next to a link, this indicates the page has already been translated. We hope to be finished as soon as possible, but this may take some time. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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NSX Fiesta 2020 and 30th anniversary tour

We plan to have NSX 30th anniversary tour after NSX Fiesta 2020. Only limited people can attend. Detail is not decided yet. If you are interested in this, please contact with NSXCA, NSXCE and Australian HSCCA.

Welcome to the home page of the "NSX CLUB of JAPAN," a place where people who love the Honda NSX gather. Our official Web site debuted on February 1st, 1998, and we hope you will enjoy it. We plan to be adding more text and photos as we continue to develop this Web site.

Photographer : Robert Ondrovic

NSX Fiesta 2010 in Suzuka (Nov.21-22) and tour(Nov.16-20).

We celebrated 20th anniversary with worldwide NSX friends.

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